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CN-1185605-A: 带有检测点功能的计算机系统 patent, CN-1186705-A: 便携式高效高倍数泡沫发生器 patent, CN-1187585-A: 往复式压缩机 patent, CN-1187593-A: 一种纤维橡胶密封材料 patent, CN-1187820-A: 苯并咪唑衍生物 patent, CN-1187892-A: Digitizer controller patent, CN-1188334-A: Lithium secondary battery and cathode active material for use in lithium secondary battery patent, CN-1189089-A: 用于从油炸食品中提取油的设备 patent, CN-1189993-A: Umbrella rib of bamboo patent, CN-1190045-A: 一种汽油和氧气割焊装置 patent, CN-1190061-A: Silk print and its offset plate making and lithographic printing process patent, CN-1190165-A: Triangular satellite frictionless bearing change gear set and the application thereof patent, CN-1190474-A: Circuit arrangement for producing DC current patent, CN-1190644-A: 使硅酸解聚集的方法 patent, CN-1192373-A: Traditional Chinese medicinal powder for treating stagnation of vital energy and blood stasis patent, CN-1192794-A: Ram for piling patent, CN-1192896-A: Recipe of tooth-powder of Chinese medicinal herbs and production technology thereof patent, CN-1192996-A: 造纸黑液碱回收及木质素等固形物分离利用 patent, CN-1195634-A: 一种使用卫生的卷烟包装方法 patent, CN-1195844-A: Disk tray for disk player patent, CN-1195868-A: Permanent magnet material and bonded magnet patent, CN-1196001-A: Process and device for scrubbing acidic gas by wet method patent, CN-1197577-A: 位流无断层连接系统编码方法和装置 patent, CN-1197730-A: Ink-jet apparatus and method of estimating and controlling temperature of ink-jet head thereof patent, CN-1198285-A: TV schedule system with enhanced features patent, CN-1198421-A: Fire-resistant expansion material, fire-resistant expansion sealing strip and making method thereof patent, CN-1198614-A: Remote-control multi-transmitting receiving real-time processing system patent, CN-1198628-A: 几种方便传递数字或/和文字信息的电话机 patent, CN-1198824-A: Article and method for cooling a sheet of material while minimizing wrinkling and curling within the sheet patent, CN-1199074-A: 水溶性粘接剂 patent, CN-1200565-A: 半导体器件的制造方法 patent, CN-1201201-A: 双向打印和扫描过程中的位置补偿方法 patent, CN-1201681-A: 快速祛斑液 patent, CN-1203197-A: Waste water treatment method for removing nitrogen and phosphorus and plant thereof patent, CN-1203323-A: Device for jointing two parts patent, CN-1205133-A: Filter co-processor patent, CN-1206368-A: Method of socketing pipe patent, CN-1208719-A: Gas solution adsorption type osmosis method for sea water desalination patent, CN-1209337-A: 一种治疗大肠癌药 patent, CN-1210001-A: 茶色素在制备治疗肾病综合征的药物中的应用 patent, CN-1210023-A: Instrument for curing hypertension patent, CN-1211217-A: Tyre crown reinforced layer for inflated tyre patent, CN-1211421-A: Medicament for preventing and curing several fish diseases patent, CN-1211744-A: Method and apparatus for automatic compensation of first-order polarization mode dispersion (PMD) patent, CN-1212282-A: Release agent for steam-curing concrete patent, CN-1212817-A: 在一个无线系统中测试用户站状态的方法和系统 patent, CN-1213298-A: 附聚物 patent, CN-1213315-A: 包含钙流入阻滞剂用于抑制细胞生长的组合物 patent, CN-1213532-A: Derivative able to increase ability of biological fat membrane permeability patent, CN-1213709-A: 无能耗水电解氢氧分离发生器 patent, CN-1215191-A: 挟持式软片扫描装置 patent, CN-1215762-A: 生产大型模具用钢的方法 patent, CN-1216002-A: Method for treating pathological conditions of tissues with non-coherent radiation and device therefor patent, CN-1216425-A: 图象信号数据结构,图象编码方法及译码方法 patent, CN-1217174-A: Drawing-board carrier patent, CN-1217207-A: 生血宝 patent, CN-1217886-A: Tea extract, cake and beverage made by pulverizing tea into slurry patent, CN-1218023-A: Transesterification process patent, CN-1218964-A: 氧化物半导体热敏电阻及其制造方法 patent, CN-1219003-A: 声表面波器件 patent, CN-1220202-A: wire clip nail and nailing device patent, CN-1221293-A: Glitch detector patent, CN-1222529-A: 适用于轮胎胎面的橡胶 patent, CN-1223172-A: Method for manufacturing heating element having coating layer of catalyst and electronic dust collector using said heating element and air conditioner provided therewith patent, CN-1223302-A: Desulfurizing agent for smelting iron and steel patent, CN-1223621-A: Yarn Brake for looms patent, CN-1223627-A: Method of preparing base material of liquid fertilizer patent, CN-1224274-A: Method capable of eliminating negative damping for control of excitation of synchro generator and regulator thereby patent, CN-1225421-A: 具有平直的活塞的垂直往复式泵 patent, CN-1226859-A: Vehicle door hardware patent, CN-1227293-A: 扣孔眼-缝纫机 patent, CN-1227552-A: 含有取代的吡啶并或嘧啶并的6,6-或6,7-二环衍生物 patent, CN-1227685-A: 在不能保持同步的信道上提供位计数完整性和同步数据传送的方法和装置 patent, CN-1228271-A: Method for preparing instant sea-tangle powder patent, CN-1228960-A: 血塞通软胶囊及其制备工艺 patent, CN-1229113-A: Method for treatment and regeneration and made use of tail liquor spent material of ethylene, vinyl acetate copolymer patent, CN-1230432-A: Medicine for bronchitis and its application patent, CN-1230523-A: 叶轮式对流曝气抽水雾化增氧方法及装置 patent, CN-1231063-A: 使用六甲基乙硅氮烷的液体源薄膜的形成 patent, CN-1231559-A: Equipment for storing and calling relative information patent, CN-1231647-A: Detection of broken filaments patent, CN-1232556-A: 带有冗余的现场设备和总线的过程控制网络 patent, CN-1233775-A: Stereo slide mount patent, CN-1233817-A: Invisible market management mode patent, CN-1234968-A: 地板专用樟脑 patent, CN-1235616-A: Pigment dispensions containing aqueous branched polymer dispensant patent, CN-1237188-A: Foamed insulating material, insulating box body made using said foamed insulating material, and process for preparing foamed insulating material patent, CN-1238097-A: 用于以备用方式操作的电源 patent, CN-1238399-A: 洗衣机 patent, CN-1238411-A: Pull-pressure dispersed protecting anchor cable and its construction method patent, CN-1239830-A: 带有用于焊料块的基底阻挡膜的半导体器件及其制造方法 patent, CN-1240097-A: Communications system and method for testing of communications apparatus patent, CN-1241063-A: Fan drive device patent, CN-1241494-A: 一种多色套印的透视片的制作方法 patent, CN-1241540-A: 基于反硝化作用的水处理系统 patent, CN-1241662-A: 纳米银长效广谱抗菌功能性织物及其制造方法 patent, CN-1241752-A: Command control sorting method and device patent, CN-1242601-A: Method for capacitor of dynamic random access memory device patent, CN-1243376-A: 网络控制装置 patent, CN-1245055-A: 一种口服药物制剂 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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